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MSMA Alliance Directory

Two ways to access the directory of the MSMA Alliance.

1 - Download pdf of 2013-2014 Member Directory, as printed and mailed in September 2013.
2 - View and update your individual record in MSMA's database. Requires password.

Any updates or corrections, please send to your County Membership Director and copy Deb Snyder, MSMA Treasurer;  Stacy Peters or Emily LaValle, CO-VP Membership; and Lois Chronister, MSMA Data Manager at cwilliams@msma.org.

Membership Steps to Turn in Dues

State dues are $25 and the deadline for MSMAA dues is March 1.
Download the MSMAA Membership Template Spreadsheet. Complete the spreadsheet for all paid state members from your county. Email the completed spreadsheet to these persons:
Deb Snyder, MSMA Treasurer
Stacy Peters or Emily LaValle, CO-VP Membership
Lois Chronister, MSMA Data Manager 
Mail a check payable to MSMAA for $25 per member to:
Debora Snyder
622 E. Eagle Trace
Jefferson City, MO 65109
National dues are $50 and the deadline for AMAA dues is March 31.
You can find everything you need to know about sending in national dues on the Alliance website.
  • Go to the Leadership Portfolio tab.
  • Go to the Leadership Login page where you will need to sign-in using your name and member number.
  • Once you are signed in, you can find the Membership Marketing Toolkit under the heading of Leadership Resources. The forms you need to submit national dues are located here under the heading of Dues Submission Toolkit.
  • If you do not know your membership number to sign-in, the website gives you a number to call and they can give it to you.
  • If you have any problems with dues submission, please contact Stacy Peters or Emily LaValle, CO-VP Membership.
Category: Regular
Definition: Spouse or widow(er) of a regular member of the MSMA.
Privileges: Hold office
Dues: $25

Category: Associate
Definition: Spouse of widow(er) of a MSMA non-member.
Privileges: Cannot vote nor hold office
Dues: $25

Category: Resident Physician Spouse
Definition: Spouse of physician in AMA approved training program. Can be regular members.
Privileges: Cannot vote if not a regular member
Dues: $8

Category: Medical Student Spouse
Definition: Spouse of a medical student enrolled in an AMA approved medical school.
Privileges: Cannot vote nor hold office
Dues: $8

Category: Honorary Member
Definition: Long-time member/friend of the Alliance.
Privileges: Can vote and hold office
Dues: No dues 








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Medical Student Section

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MSMA Insurance Agency



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