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Practice Management Updates

Missouri's Assistant Physician Law - First in the Nation
Missouri’s Assistant Physician Law, the first in the nation, allows medical school graduates who have passed the prescribed medical examinations and who have not entered into postgraduate residency training to temporarily serve as Assistant Physicians. The law takes effect August 28, 2014.

Overseen by the Board of Healing Arts, Assistant Physicians will need to apply for the temporary license and are required to have a collaboration agreement with a licensed physicians. They are also restricted to primary care in health care shortage areas.

It will take the state’s Board of Healing Arts close to a year to promulgate the necessary rules and regulations to license this new type of provider. 

Visit http://pr.mo.gov or email profreg@pr.mo.gov or contact MSMA staff at 573-636-5151.

Physicians Boost the Economy
AMA's Economic Impact Study shows Missouri physicians contributed $20.3 billion in economic output statewide.
View Missouri Overview / View Complete Missouri Report

Need Help with Grace Period Payments for Insurance Exchange Plans?
A number of physician offices are beginning to experience problems occasioned by federal grace period rules for insurance exchange plans.

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurers offering plans in an exchange must allow a 90-day grace period for individuals who fail to pay their premiums. Only then can their coverage be terminated. But CMS promulgated a rule that requires health plans to pay claims only during the first 30 days of that grace period, and “pend,” then deny any claims during the remaining 60 days. That means physicians are forced to collect payment from any patients who are behind on their premiums and have received services after the initial 30 day deadline. 

A step physicians might consider taking to protect themselves is to take credit card information from patients in advance. MSMA recently partnered with TSYS Merchant Solutions, which is one of the largest and most respected payment acceptance services companies in the nation.

MSMA members receive preferred rates on TSYS products and services, and an opportunity to save considerable time and cost in collecting grace period payments from patients who are delinquent on their insurance premiums. Check out the TSYS Merchant Services link.
Primaris Changes
Since CMS removed the case review component from the QIO contract, Primaris is in the process of moving its operations from a non-profit entity to a for-profit entity. This new corporation will continue to do business as Primaris and will be jointly owned by MAOPS and MSMA. Visit Primaris for more information.

Sunshine Payment Data Update
CMS will release reports of industry payments made to physicians on September 30. Physicians may review and seek corrections on their information before September 30 by registering with the CMS.gov Enterprise Portal. AMA has additional info posted at www.ama-assn.org/go/sunshine.









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