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Communications Overview 

Progress Notes
Monthly, members receive Progress Notes, MSMA’s publication which alerts you to current trends in medicine that affect your profession and practice. View/download here.

Missouri Medicine

Missouri Medicine, MSMA’s award-winning peer-reviewed bimonthly journal, informs you of the latest medical, socioeconomic, and technological developments as well as offering journal continuing medical education. Click here to get more information about information for contributors, publishing deadlines and requirements.

MSMA's website: www.msma.org
Options to advertise on our website include web sponors and using our Marketplace & Placement Tools.

MSMA Directory
This a comprehensive medical resource listing MSMA’s policies and its constitution and bylaws, its leadership and entire membership roster is also available with the July/August edition of Missouri Medicine. This compendium also lists a directory of medical specialties and other helpful resources.

Members have complete access to MSMA's secured online directory, where you can search by name, specialty or geographical area. 

Contact Lizabeth Fleenor, MSMA’s Director of Communications, for more information about communication services at 800-869-6762.









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Communications Overview

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