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Missouri Medicine  - Instructions for Authors (updated 10/2021)


Editor: John C. Hagan, III, MD,  FACS, FAAO /  / 816-478-1230

Managing Editor: Lizabeth R.S. Fleenor, BJ, MA / / 573-691-4503

Missouri Medicine Manuscript/Article Submission Overview Checklist (detailed description follows)

NOTE: All articles must include the following:

  • Copyright, Graphic & Photography Transfer ​​
  • Financial Disclosure
  • Corresponding Author contact information
  • All articles submitted:
    • MS Word
    • 12 point, double-spaced
    • Author(s) highest academic/title/affiliation
    • Attach Corresponding Author color photo
    • Science of Medicine articles must have abstract
  • References
    • AMA Manual of Style
    • Numerical order and presented at end of article (endnotes NOT footnotes)
    • Superscripts, without parentheses
    • Placed outside punctuation
    • When citing websites as reference, must list: Author Last name First name or initial, “Title of Web Page,” Publishing Organization or Name of Website, publication date and/or access date if available, URL
  • Illustrations/Figures/Tables/Photos/Charts
    • Manuscript can have up to  four figures, tables, photos, illustrations
    • Figures, tables, photos, charts, and illustrations can be no wider than 7 inches or longer than 9 inches.
    • 180 dpi (dots per inch) or higher
    • .tiff or .eps extension
    • Titled/labeled. Example: tumors table 1; mortality rate figure 1, etc.
    • Include legends in separate Word document or at end of manuscript
    • Figures, tables, photos, charts, and illustrations can be inserted into manuscript with the ability to extract them for placement

Editor: John C. Hagan, III, MD, FACS, FAAO
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Kansas City, MO 64155
Tel: 816-478-1230            
Fax: 816-454-8478  

Managing Editor: Lizabeth R. S. Fleenor, BJ, MA
Missouri State Medical Association
P.O. Box 1028
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Tel: 573-636-5151            
Fax: 573-636-8552

Missouri Medicine Manuscript/Article Submission Detailed Instructions for Authors

Types of Articles/Manuscripts
Missouri Medicine publishes articles on a variety of science of medicine articles, medical trends, issues and policy matters that affect the physician health care community in Missouri and the US.

  • Science of Medicine - Feature series, themes, miniseries, first literature reports, feature reviews
  • Medical-Legal - Legal topics that affect physicians and healthcare.
  • Socio-Economic - Articles on legislation, policy, insurance, management, etc.
  • Public Health - Reports that cover topical and important public health issues.
  • Perspectives - Topics presented by health care professionals with different areas of expertise.
  • As I See It - A forum of general interest and respectful, reasoned opinion.
  • In the News - Summaries of MSMA business and highlights of members.
The Editorial Board peer-reviews Science of Medicine articles for potential. Perspectives, Medical-Legal, Public Health, and Socio-Economic are also reviewed for suitable publication and should be referenced and not exceed 1,500 words. “As I See It” need not be referenced and should not exceed 1,200 words. Letters are published at the discretion of the Editor, Executive Director, or Editorial Board.  
Recognition of Members
If you have been recently been honored, send a short paragraph and photograph to MSMA, care of the Managing Editor. Please indicate who, what, when, where with a brief description of the recognition.
Financial Disclosure Form and Copyright, Graphic & Photography Transfer Form - BOTH forms must be included with submission
Unless agreed to in writing, Missouri Medicine retains and is protected by copyright. Every article requires a Financial Disclosure Form and a Copyright, Graphic & Photography Transfer Form signed/emailed initialed by all authors. Manuscripts without the Financial Disclosure Form and Copyright, Graphic & Photography Form will delay the peer-review and publishing process. 
Corresponding Authors
It there are multiple authors, one should be designated corresponding author.  Title page must include all contact information of corresponding author including mailing address, email, phone, and fax numbers. For each author, please state the author’s highest academic appointment and teaching institution affiliation.
All Articles/Manuscripts
Manuscripts should be typed in 12-point font; paragraphs double-spaced; pages numbered with running header. A synopsis or abstract of 75 words or less must precede Science of Medicine articles. The abstract plus text (not references) should not exceed 3,000 words.

Illustrations, Graphics, and Photographs of Lead/Corresponding Author(s)
Illustrations, photographs, tables, charts, figures and photographs of lead author(s) must be submitted as high-resolution 180 dpi or higher TIFF or EPS electronic images. Legends must accompany graphics. Total illustrations, photographs, tables, charts, and figures are ideally fewer than four per article. PLEASE NOTE: Internet screen shots and files and/or low resolution graphics/photographs are not acceptable. Size requirements are no wider than 7 inches or longer than 9 inches.
Refer to the American Medical Association Manual of Style, 10th Ed., AMA, Chicago, 2007. References should be cited in numerical order and presented at end of the article in the order they are cited. All references must be cited as superscripts, without parentheses, not footnotes, within the manuscript with 40 or fewer references. Reference numbers must be placed outside of punctuation.  References must include author, title, periodical, year, volume number and page numbers/website. Websites as references must be labeled with date of access. Authors are responsible for accuracy of references.  When citing websites as reference, must list: Author Last name First name or initial, “Title of Web Page,” Publishing Organization or Name of Website, publication date and/or access date if available, URL.

Submission Process
Submit all files by email.  Files must be processed in a Windows operating environment with a Microsoft Word extension.  A complete submission includes the following files:  title page with contact information, article and references, and accompanying tables, illustrations, photos, with legends, and Financial Disclosure and  Copyright, Graphic & Photography Form. Email all files to BOTH the Editor and the Managing Editor. See contact information below. Expect to receive notification of receipt within 10 days. Peer review is usually complete within 30-45 days of receipt.
Reprints of your individual article may be purchased. Entire issues may be purchased, if available.
All articles, editorials, letters, and advertisements published represent the opinions of the authors and advertisers, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or endorsement of the Missouri State Medical Association or the institution with which the author or product or service is affiliated unless clearly specified.  Missouri Medicine reserves the right to make the final decision on all content and advertisements.

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