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MSMA: Young Physicians Section

MSMA Young Physicians Section Overview

  • YPS members care about the future of physician livelihoods, the profession, and patient health.
  • Connect with the Missouri community of physicians, as colleagues and mentors
  • Access important information and publications, including Missouri Medicine, Progress Notes, and Legislative Report
  • Choose to participate in MSMA Annual Convention and Physician Advocacy Day at the Missouri State Capitol
  • Take advantage of leadership opportunities
  • Express your voice in Missouri's House of Medicine

Young Physicians Section Leadership

  • Chair – Rachel Kyllo, MD, St. Louis
  • Secretary – Sara Hawatmeh, MD, Ballwin
  • Treasurer – Ramona Behshad, MD, St. Louis
  • Councilor – Rachel Kyllo, MD, St. Louis
  • Vice Councilor – Sara Hawatmeh, MD, St. Louis

YPS Delegate and Alternate Delegate Overview

The MSMA Young Physician Section (YPS) is allowed one delegate and one alternate delegate to serve on the MSMA House of Delegates (HOD) each year. The HOD meets annually at the MSMA Annual Convention. The YPS Delegate must be a member in good standing with MSMA. She/he will be the voting member for YPS within the House of Delegates. The Alternate Delegate must also be a member in good standing with MSMA. The Alternate Delegate will stand in for the Delegate if she/he is unable to attend.

Responsibilities of Delegate
  • Be the voting member for the YPS at the MSMA House of Delegates.
  • Review the Delegate Handbook prior to attending the MSMA Annual Convention. The Handbook will be mailed to Delegates in advance of the Annual Convention. All resolutions submitted by the February 16 deadline will be included in the handbook.
  • The YPS Delegate will be expected to attend:
  • Opening Session of the House of Delegates.
  • At least one Reference Committee meeting.
  • Second Session of the House of Delegates.
  • Delegates MUST register at the Registration Booth and identify themselves as a Delegate. The Delegate will then receive the Delegate’s badge. Each Delegate elected to the House of Delegates by his/her component medical society or section will be included on a Delegate’s List at the MSMA Registration Desk.
  • Only duly elected Delegates have the privilege of the floor at meetings of the House of Delegates. A Delegate may request the privilege of the floor for any other individual, and the Speaker may grant or deny privilege for the non-Delegate to speak.

YPS Member Benefits

Educational sessions and webinars

  • YPS members are invited to attend free CME sessions at the MSMA Annual Convention. 
  • Webinars are provided on topics such as financial planning and contract negotiations that may be of great benefit to young physicians.
Educational materials and resources
  • MSMA members receive the bi-monthly medical journal, Missouri Medicine. Each issue has in-depth articles and focuses on a specialty area. To learn more about contributing content to Missouri Medicine, click here.
  • The MSMA website provides resources and guides that are only available to MSMA members. This includes the Physician’s Guide to Law and Medicine, protocol for collaborative practice guidelines, and more.

Contact Rachel Bauer at or call 573-691-5707


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